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Please do not abuse the effort to introduce this test in as many languages as possible!
Only if:
- You did the test several times so you are familiar with the context of the words and sentences.
- You will translate the pages to the national language spoken in your country.
- You fully understand everything in the text below.
- You are confident your translation is right regarding spelling and grammar.
Please continue.
In all other cases do not borther and please quit by clicking here.

The sentences and words appearing in the test, marked with the numbers (1) till ( 133) are shown below more or less in the sequence they apear on the screen.
Fill out all the empty text boxes below the original English text translated in your own language.
Some additional fields which you need to fill out are marked with the characters (A) till (G).
When doing so please keep in mind the following guidelines:
- Please translate all sentences as carefully as possible and if suitable for your language use Capitals, question marks, exclamation marks and dots similar to the original English text.
- If applicable use your own script instead of Latin characters i.e. Arabic, Kanji, Hangul etc.
- Use the correct direction if your languange is written from right to left, such as Arabic, Farsi etc. This direction will be followed up in the resulting pages.
- Take notice of the comments written in italic before filling out the fields.
- When being asked to fill in a "first name" don't fill in your name but the actual translation!
- Do not use HTML codes.
- Please keep in mind that the words and characters you use should also be easy to understand for everybody also for children!

Okay Here You Go...Good Luck!

(A)Specify first the name of your language in your own language and script

(B)Translate the following metatags keywords
Game, Entertainment, Fun, Kids, Children, Adults, Quiz, Test, Tests, Simple, Job, Suitable Worldwide, Multi-language Support

(C)Translate the following metatag description
"What's your ideal job?" is a simple but entertaining game to find out what job you, your friends and foes are suitable for. Will you be an astronaut or are you more suitable as a chimney sweep? A secret built in formula reveals it all.. The game is suitable for visitors of age 6 till 99.

Screen 1

(1)What's your ideal job?

(2)Did you know overyone has one specific job that suits him/her the most?

(3)Follow the instructions below to find out what your professional mission in life is.. Have fun!

(4)Fill in your first name and family name below
(5)First name  
(6)Family name  

Screen 2


John Doe

(10)you are most suitable for...

Please translate all names of the jobs below, the odd numbers in red represent the female form, the even numbers the male form. If in your language there is a distiction between male and female please mention both, if there's no distinction type the same as for the male form
If you are not sure it's right, please quit by clicking here.

(11)The female form of Accountant
(13)The female form of Actor
(15)The female form of Architect
(17)The female form of Artist
(19)The female form of Gasstation Attendant
(20)Gasstation Attendant
(21)The female form of Garment Worker
(22)Garment Worker
(23)The female form of Athlete
(25)The female form of Baker
(27)The female form of Cook
(29)The female form of Butcher
(31)The female form of Exterminator
(33)The female form of Carpenter
(35)The female form of Cashier
(37)The female form of Chauffeur
(39)The female form of Chimney Sweep
(40)Chimney Sweep
(41)The female form of Cleaner
(43)The female form of Clown
(45)The female form of Hairdresser
(47)The female form of Beautician
(49)The female form of Forest Ranger
(50)Forest Ranger
(51)The female form of Dance Instructor
(52)Dance Instructor
(53)The female form of Delivery person
(54)Delivery person
(55)The female form of Dentist
(57)The female form of Detective
(59)The female form of Gravedigger
(61)The female form of Drycleaner
(63)The female form of Miner
(65)The female form of Camera person
(66)Camera person
(67)The female form of Farmer
(69)The female form of Firefighter
(71)The female form of Flight Attendant
(72)Flight Attendant
(73)The female form of Florist
(75)The female form of Vetinarian
(77)The female form of Garbage Collector
(78)Garbage Collector
(79)The female form of Garderner
(81)The female form of Astronaut
(83)The female form of Assembly Line Worker
(84)Assembly Line Worker
(85)The female form of Doctor
(87)The female form of Computer Specialist
(88)Computer Specialist
(89)The female form of Jeweler
(91)The female form of Security Guard
(92)Security Guard
(93)The female form of Lumberjack
(95)The female form of Electrician
(97)The female form of Truck Driver
(98)Truck Driver
(99)The female form of Mechanic
(101)The female form of Model
(103)The female form of Optometrist
(105)The female form of Police Officer
(106)Police Officer
(107)The female form of President
(109)The female form of Psychiatrist
(111)The female form of Reporter
(113)The female form of Scientist
(115)The female form of Judge
(117)The female form of Zookeeper
(119)The female form of Taxi Driver
(120)Taxi Driver
(121)The female form of Teacher
(123)The female form of Religious Leader
(124)Religious Leader
(125)The female form of Crook
(129)The female form of Singer

(131)Now see what job others are most suitable for...

Below are some error messages which will show up when the input fields are not filled in.

(132)Please fill in a first name.

(133)Please fill in a family name.

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